IJAAEE Vol 1 Issue 1 (2014)

ISSN 2349-1523 (Print) ISSN 2349-1531 (Online) 

    Sr. no.Title & author(s) namePage no.
    1Investigation of Equal Stress Reinforced Slopes Using Soil Nail Under Dynamic Loading
    Ali Abdollahi, Sina Shaffiee Haghshenas, Pooria Jalilvand, and Sami Shaffiee Haghshenas
    2Preliminary Study of Lime-Pozzolan Based Cement after Exposed to High Temperatures
    Hyuk Lee, Vanissorn Vimonsatit, Prinya Chindaprasirt and Kornkanok Boonserm
    3The Pomological Variation Patterns of Chestnut (Castanea sativa Miller) in Kazdagi (Mt. Ida) Area of Turke
    M. Kubilay ÖNAL
    4Speciation and Bioavailability of Heavy Metals in Long-Term Sewage Sludge-Amended Soil
    Bülent Topcuoğlu
    5Study of Rice Straw Biocomposite and a Comparative Study of Flexural Strength of Various Biocomposite Plywood Materials
    Swadesh Kumar Singh, Jandhyala N Murthy, PAPN Varma, and D Sailaja
    6Evaluation of Spatial and Temporal Variation in North East Jabal Al Hasawna wellfields Water quality, Libya
    Fathi M. Sanok, M. Ekhwan B. Toriman, and Mazlin Mokhtar
    7Green Plants and Nature: Natural Wastewater Treatment Plants
    Amir Hossein Hamidian
    8Evaluation of Cowpea Genotypes (Vigna Unguiculata (L.) Walp) for some Yield and Root Parameters and their Usage in Breeding Programme for Drought Tolerance
    Magashi, Auwal Ibrahim, Musa, Sarkin Fulani, and Muhammad Ibrahim
    9Heavy Metal and Pollution Characteristics of Soils and Underground Waters in Intensive Greenhouse Areas
    Bülent TOPCUOĞLU
    10Molecular Genetics Method of Assessing Photo-Periodism in spring and winter Wheat Seedlings
    Magash, A.I., Abdullahi, Y., V.K. Plotnikov, N.B., Bakaldina, J.B. and Alekseenko
    11Inhibition and Dissolution Crystals of Magnesium Ammonium Phosphate by Acacia Radiana (Bark) and (Sheet ) in Vitro Study
    Mohamed Beghalia, Aïssa. Belouatek, Saïd. Ghalem, and Hocine Allali
    12Heavy Metal Concentrations in Different Body Part of Crab, Barytelphusa Cunicularis from Godavari River
    Nabilal R. Sayyad
    13Bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals in Tissues of Labeo Rohita from Nathsagar Dam, Near Aurangabad, Maharashtra
    Mohiuddin Shaikh
    14Utilization of Metal Lathe Waste as Material for the Absorption of Electromagnetic Radiation Based Orgonite
    Anisya Lisdiana, Ayuni Dita Rosalia, Nur Jannah Asrilya, Rais Nur Latifah, and Roro Ernia
    15Possibility of Hydrogen Energy for Development of Sustainable Society
    Kuniko Urashima, Seiji Maeda, Masahiko Katagiri, and Nagahiro Saito
    16Contamination of Perfluorooctane Sulfonated (PFOS) and Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) in Air
    Jirarat Pattanasuttichonlakul, Narin Boontanon, and Suwanna Kitpati Boontanon
    17Analysis of Three Anticancer Drugs (5-Fluorouracil, Cyclophosphamide and Hydroxyurea) in Water Samples by HPLC-MS/MS
    Jareerat Usawanuwat, Narin Boontanon, and Suwanna Kitpati Boontanon
    18Structural Characterizations and Models of Fibrous Materials: 1D and 2D Studies
    Jean-Francis BLOCH
    19Combined Alkaline and Recirculation Pretreatment on Waste Activated Sludge (Was) Stabilization
    Patcharin Racho
    20Phosphorus and Struvite – Rethinking Their Existence
    Kazi Fattah
    21Enhancement of Natural Local Soil in Minimizing the Migration of Heavy Metals Using Pressmud
    Maheera Mohamad, Kamarudin Samuding, Harlina Ahmad, Norli Ismail, and Norhashimah Morad
    22Persistent Organic Pollutants in House Dust in Kuwait
    Majed Bahloul, and Bondi Gevao
    23Impact of Rice Paddies Plantation on Paddy Irrigation Scheme in Mukim 5,Seberang Perai Utara, Malaysia
    Harlina Ahmad, Mazratul Amyra Abdul Rashid, Norli Ismail, and Noridayu Mohamed
    24Clove Oil, Quinaldine and AQUI-S as Anesthetics for Yellow Fin Seabream (Acanthopagrus latus) and Blue Fin Seabream (Sparidentex hasta)
    Musaad Al-Roumi, Amani Al-Yaqout, Azad Ismail and Mohammed Al-Kandari
    25Effect of Water-Accommodated Fraction of Kuwait Crude Oil on Developmental Stages of Orange-Spotted Grouper Hamoor (Epinephelus coicoides)
    Q. Karam , M. U. Beg, A. Al-Khabbaz, Z. Al-Ballam, S. Dakour , and K. Al-Abdul Elah
    26Aluminum, Lead, and Manganese in PM10 in the Air Environment of Chiang Mai Areas
    Pajaree Thongsanit, and Maesinee Pakomma
    27Occurrence Of Bisphenol A In Some Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants’ Effluents In Bangkok Region
    Intira Pookpoosa, Ranjna Jindal, Daisy Morknoy, and Kraichat Tantrakarnapa
    28The Validation of Municipal Solid Waste Dynamic Model in Bangkok
    Chaiwat Manasakunkit, and Thanwadee Chinda
    29Appropriate Lab Scale Oxidation Ditch Tank for Cafeteria Building Wastewater Treatment
    Manisthawadee Jayasvasti, and Chavalit Ratanatamskul
    30Hemato-Biochemical Impact Analysis of Acoustical Environment (Music Therapy) on the of Human and Albinorat
    Dr. Dinesh C. Sharma
    31Impact of Overgrazing & Burning on Plant Diversity in the Ras Al-Hilal Region in the North East of Libya
    Masoud.M.M.Zatout, and Ashraf.M.S.Soliman
    32Effects of Different Physical States of Chitosan on the Quality of Chilled Minced Snakehead Fish (Channa striata)
    Shanti Dwita Lestari, and Sandy Kurnia Nanisa
    33In vitro Antioxidant Properties of Underutilized Baccaurea angulata Fruit
    Idris Adewale Ahmed, Maryam Abimbola Mikail, Muhammad bin Ibrahim, Norazlanshah bin Hazali, Mohammad Syaiful Bahari Abdul Rasad, Radiah binti Abdul Ghani, Ridhwan Abdul Wahab, Solachuddin Jahuari Arief, Mohammad Noor Adros Yahya
    34Changes in the Markers of Atherosclerosis Following Administration of Belimbing Dayak (Baccaurea Angulata) Fruit Juice in Experimental Rabbits Fed with Cholesterol Diet
    Maryam Abimbola Mikail, Idris Adewale Ahmed, Muhammad bin Ibrahim, Norazlanshah bin Hazali, Mohammad Syaiful Bahari Abdul Rasad, Radiah Abdul Ghani, Ridhwan Abdul Wahab, Solachuddin Jahuari Arief, Muhammad Lokman Md Isa, Samsul Draman, Afeez Adekunle Ishola, and Mohammad Noor Adros Yahya
    35Database Development of Defective and Healthy Alphonso Mangoes
    Sandeep S Musale, and Pradeep M Patil
    36On the possibility of using FTIR for detection of Ganoderma boninense in infected oil palm tree
    Jedol Dayou, Arnnyitte Alexander, Coswald Stephen Sipaut, Chong Khim Phin, and Lee Ping Chin
    37Assessment of Zonation of Watersheds Based on Flooding Risks Using GIS (A case study of Varband River Basin in Larestan, Fars, Iran)
    Marzieh Moghali, and Asaad Zahedi
    38Antibacterial Effect of the Optimum Anesthetic dose of Thyme Oil, AQUI-S, Clove Oil and Quinaldine
    Amani Al-Yaqout, Azad Ismail, Mohammed Al-Kandari, and Musaad Al-Roumi