IJAAEE Vol 3 Issue 2 (2016)

    Sr. no.Title & author(s) namePage no.
    1Duty Cycle Determination for 3-phase SRM Drive
    Panhathai Buasri, Chaowish Muanyuen, R. Buasri, and Wiroj Taweepworadej
    2Vehicle Routing Problem for Electric Bus Energy Consumption and Planning
    Wiroj Taweepworadej, and Panhathai Buasri
    3An Application of Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Reservoir Optimization: A Case Study of Chenderoh Dam, Malaysia
    Shi-Mei Choong, Prof. A. El-Shafie and Dr. Wan Mohtar W.H.M.
    4Emotional Intelligence and Job Motivation of Member Faculties in Medical Sciences Universities
    Ali Morad Heidari Gorji, Mansor Ranjbar, and Mortehza Darabiniya
    5Ameliorating the Effects of High -Tannin Jackfruit (Artocarpus Heterophyllus Lam.)Forage by Urea treatment and Ensiling on the Crude Protein Utilization in Native Goats (Capra hircus Linn.)
    Hershey P. Mondejar, and Lolito C. Bestil
    6The Distribution of Heavy Metals and Nutrients along Selangor River and its Adjacent Mining Ponds, Malaysia
    R. Daniel, Nobuyuki Kawasaki
    7Assessing Campus Sustainability: An ISO 14001 Approach
    Nadia A. Setyorini, M. Mujiya Ulkhaq, Dyah R. Rasyida, Priska R. Setiowati, and Reza Trianto
    8Identification and Characterization of Chitinase Enzyme Producing Bacteria from Bat Guano and its Potential to Inhibit The Growth of Fungus Colletotrichum Sp. Cause Anthracnose on the Chili by In Vitro
    Heny Rahmawati, Andi Joko Purnom, Siti Umniyatie, Drajat Pramiadi and Noorkomala sari
    9Dragonflies Diversity (Odonata) in Menoreh Karst Central Java – Yogyakarta
    Hening Triandika Rachman, and Abdu Rohman
    10Microalgal profile and anti-Vibrio activity of crude extracts from green water reservoir stocked with tilapia
    Buenaflor D. Jimenez, Ruth D. Gaid and Cesaria R. Jimenez
    11Some biological characteristics of the marbled crab, Pachygrapsus marmoratus in the southern Black Sea (Sinop, Turkey)
    Cetin SUMER, Hakan AKSU, Sefer CELIK, and Serdar BEKTAS
    12The Effect of Freshness on Meat Color and Chemical Composition of European Anchovy, Engraulis encrasicolus, caught by Purse Seine in the Black Sea
    Baris Bayrakli, and Hunkar Avni DUYAR
    13Antibiotic Resistance of Aeromonas hydrophila Strains Isolated from Karasu Stream (Sinop/Turkey
    Serdar Bektas, and Sefa Iscimen
    14Innovation of Water Harvester Based on Thermoelectric Condenser using Smart Solar Panel, Ultraviolet Neon Filter and Mineralization System
    Moh. Malik Afandi, Aulia Husada B., Putria Widya Budiarti, and Feby Agung Pamuji
    15In Vitro Selection of the Sunflower (Helianthus Annuus L.) Accessions under the Polyethylene Glycol Mediated Drought Stress Conditions
    HumeraRazzaq, M. Hammad Nadeem Tahir, Hafeez Ahmad Sadaqat and Bushra Sadia
    16Climate Change and Sustainable Food Security in Tanzania. The Case of Coast Region
    Paschal Arsein Mugabe
    17Antifungal Activity of Some Plant Extracts against Different Plant Pathogenic Fungi
    Abdurrahman Onaran, and Hayriye Didem Sağlam
    18Strength Behavior of Cement Mortar Assimilating Rice Husk Ash
    Muhammad Harunur Rashid
    19Use of Recycled Aggregates in Concrete
    Nadjoua Bourmatte, Hacène Houari
    20Optimization and Analysis of Cost for Bridge Super-Structure of 25m Span Above Rail Track
    Natraj Singh, Dr. N.P. Devgan, Dr. A.M. Kalra, Surinder Pal
    21Parking Planning and Policy in the CBD of Accra, Ghana
    Eunice Yorgri, Prof. Cheng Wen, Prof. Leng Hong
    22The Drawing of the Archaeological City of Pompeii
    Luigi Corniello
    23A Case Study on Physicochemical Characteristics of Groundwaters in Greenhouse Areas of Antalya, Turkey
    Bülent Topcuoğlu
    24Metal bioavailability and uptake by Potato plants (Solanum Tuberosum L.) grown in soils amended with MSW Compost
    Bülent Topcuoğlu
    25Effect of Gamma Radiation on Graft Copolymerization of Rice Straw Cellulose-Acrylamide Monomer
    Thurein Kyaw, and Khin Khin Lay
    26Performance Evaluation of the Automated System for Cleaning, Peeling and Washing Cassava Tubers
    S. Ogunlowo, S. A. Olaleye, and M. S Fasunla
    27User Perception along Streets: The Case of Dereboyu Street, Lefkosa(North Cyprus), KKTC
    Atieh Salimi
    28Some Physical and Mechanical Properties of Upland Rice Seed (Maephurng Variety)
    Nathaporn Suwanpayak, Thirayut Wijitpap, Patipat Srisongkram, and Raumjit Nokkoul
    29Crop Yield Comparisons of Different Soil treatments and Changing pyrethroids Rates on Daucus carota in Mauritius
    Vedendranand Sharma Chummun, and Geeta Devi Somaroo
    30Co-digestion of Poultry Sludge Filter Pressed Cake with Market Waste to Enhance the Compost Quality
    SC Wijesekara, C Malwana, WBMAC Bandara, and GY Jayasinghe
    31Biochemical and Heamatological Characteristics of Sokoto Red Kids fed Untreated and Urea Treated Rice Milling Waste in katsina state
    A. Aruwayo, M. A. Yahaya, and M. G. Garuba
    32Effect of Soil Amendments with Rice-Husk Waste on Pythium Wet Rots of Melon Citrullus lanatus L (Sync.vulgaris) (Rice Husks Waste and Cattle Manure Are Sound Alternatives to Fungicide)
    S. Muhammad, and K. Shehu
    33Seasonal Effect and Removal of Disinfection by Products from Sakarya River by Ozone and Membrane Processes
    Fatma Büşra Yaman, Mehmet Çakmakcı
    34Correlation between Chemical Characterization and Treatment Efficiencies of Complex Organic Carbon as Single Substrate in Treating Acid Mine Drainage
    R. P. Choudhary
    35Phytoremediation of Trace Metal Polluted Soil with Fiber Crop: Kenaf (Hibiscus Cannabinus L.)
    Sarra Arbaoui, Sihem SOUFI, Paul Roger et Taoufik Bettaieb
    36Assessment of Heavy Metal Mobilization in Soils from Landfill Sites in Malaysia
    A. G. Umm-kulthum, S. H Fauziah, and S Mohamad
    37In Vitro Screening of Indica Rice Genotypes for Drought Tolerance Using Polyethylene Glycol
    T. Sabesan, and K. Saravanan
    38Assessing Physical-spatial Impacts of Superblocks and Inner Urban Historical Fabrics Adjacency,Case study analysis of Great Mosque historical context of Shahre-Kord
    Milad HeidariSoureshjani
    39Variation in Carbonate System and Air-Water CO2 Flux During Summer in the Mahanadi Estuary, India
    S. Pattanaik, R.K. Sahoo, D. R. Satapathy, C. R. Panda, and S. B. Choudhury
    40Lead Uptake and accumulation by Pharagmites australis in Hydroponic Culture
    Khaled Al-Akeel
    41Design and Experimental Investigation of Airfoil for Extruded Blades
    Palanisamy Mohan Kumar, Mohan Ram Surya, Ng Pei Sin, Narasimalu Srikanth
    42Effect of Wastewater from Hydroponics Culture on Lettuce Cultivation
    Dr. Prathima Seechurn Poonpoon, Dr. Bhanooduth Lalljee
    43Comparative Studies on Rubber Biodegradation by Mixed Culture and Pure Culture Isolated From the Soil Samples
    Chairat Nawong, Natthawan Sermwittayawong, Kamontam Umsakul
    44Mathematical Modelling of Wastewater Collection System in Cha-Am Municipality using PCSWMM
    Thawtar Htun, Kim N. Irvine, Ranjna Jindal