IJAAEE Vol 2 Issue 2 (2015)

    Sr. no.Title & author(s) namePage no.
    1Optimization of Apple Pollen Culture and Its Maintenance of Pollen Germination Capacity
    Sh. Mehri, S. Piri, and A. Imani
    2Improve the Medium for Germination of Almond Pollen in- Vitro and Germination Capacity of Stored Pollen
    S. Piri, Sh. Mehri, and A.Imani
    3Drying of Strawberry in a Direct and Indirect Solar Dryer (Effects of Drying Methods on Total Phenolic Content)
    López-Vidaña Erick César, Pilatowsky Figueroa Isaac, and Navarro Ocaña Arturo
    4Cabbage Farm Analysis
    Evita Soliha Hani
    5Evaluation of Different Pre-sowing Seed Treatments to Break Dormancy of Crotalaria senegalensis, a Famous Rangeland Forage in Sudan
    Atif Hassan Naim, Abdalhalim Hassan ElHadi , and Faisal El Gasim Ahmed
    6Chemical Speciation, Bioavailability and Environmental Pollution Risks of Heavy Metals in the Greenhouse Soil Amended With Sewage Sludge and Municipal Solid Waste Compost
    Bülent Topcuoğlu
    7Dragon Fruit Agribusiness Investment in Jember District, Indonesia
    Sigit Soeparjono
    8Symbiotic Recycling Systems for Creating Sustainable Habitats
    Ramesh Dave, and Gauranga Das
    9Commingled vs separated waste collection in Tulkarem (West Bank-Palestinian territories): an environmental, economic and social analysis of a real case study
    Zambetti Fabiola, M. Vaccari, F. De Nardo, and A. Perteghella
    10Hardwood forest inventory of Dra-Naga Arboretum of (Djebel El Ouahch, Constantine, Algeria)
    Rached-Kanouni Malika, Belhiouani Hadjer, and Hadef Azzedine
    11Performance Study of a Solar Still with a Solar Preheating of Brackish Water
    Kabi Abdennacer, and Halloufi Oualid
    12Manufacturing of Humidification Chamber Bottom Plate for Fuel Cell with HDPE Composite Injection Molding
    Rangaswamy T. and Yogesha S. A.